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, and as a result, those people in this country who want real change from day one are going to vote for paul ryan and myself. and i need [ inaudible ]. >> he's going to cut everybody's taxes 20%, and how are you going to pay for that? we just were told the debt was the biggest problem. if you have a hole to fill, would you dig it deeper before you filled it? >> president clinton and mitt romney still out on the trail today firing up crowds across the battleground states trying to keep their supporters focused on the upcoming election while national attention turns to sandy and the steady progress and joining me for our daily fix is chris cizilla and managing editor of post and chris, while this is a complete alteration of the campaign, you've got mitt romney canceling -- one more event in iowa and then cancels tonight in wisconsin, cancels all of tomorrow as does paul ryan. and they have to adjust to, you know, what is the right tone, how do you handle campaigning in the midst of this national disaster? and the president dropping everything and heading back. >> it's -- it's an amazi
ryan 's from there, right. >> mark, it isn't too crude, i don't think, because we're talking about politics and talking about the closing days, to ask the question, was this horrible storm and his response to it so far, and chris christie's embrace of him, so far, at least a benefit the october surprise, a been fit to president obama? >> i think it's pretty hard to come up and with any spin on it or take on it beyond that it's been a benefit for the president. is it a benefit for the president that decides outcome? i can't rule that out. some republicans believe that's the case. it's blotting out all news coverage nationally and the contested states in a way keeping governor romney from getting his momentum out. and so it's possible. but i think this is -- i think this was determined before the storm, is my gut, one way or the other. >> mark halperin, chris cillizza, thank you very much. how will the president continue to juggle responding to the storm and the demands of the re-election campaign. talk to former deck policy adviser melody barnes next. >>> people who are suffering fr
in pennsylvania, if romney and ryan had come in a lot in pennsylvania, this could have been very competitive. you may remember when i was on your show in september and the polls showing 11, 12% for obama i said we're going to win by three or four points. today as i sit here we're going to win by three or four points. >> call the casey win. >> casey will win by five seni x points. >> we'll talk to you next week or see you in new york. >> the real answer is we don't know for sure. >> i agree with that. >> including any commentator. if anybody wants to tell you they know how this is turning out. >> they're lying. >> thank you so much. ed rendell who never lies, vin weber -- >> we make a good impression of it. >> and up next, new hope for new yorkers still left in the dark and those needing help in the storm aftermath. the fema hot line is 1-800-621-fee ha. y -- fema. go to nbc and click on how you can help. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop gr
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)